You can register to the workshops, conference or both.


 conference 10 Euro (40 PLN) + "motyf 2013" book discount

 conference + workshop 12 Euro (50 PLN) + "motyf 2013" book discount

 workshop 5 Euro (20PLN) per workshop + "motyf 2013" book discount


If you have any question, please contact us via email: motyf2014@gmail.com

WE DO NOT REFUND but you can transfer your registration to someone else in case you can't attend the festival.

In that case send us an email informing about the change.



In order to register, please fill in this form:




If you register for the conference only, you can send us the fee by transfer right after registering.

If you register to the workshop, we'll confirm you via email if there are any places left.